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Many people like indoor plants because they make a home look fantastic, and they also have many excellent benefits like relieving stress and helps in boosting oxygen and also help to alleviate anxiety.

Have you been asking yourself how to go about plant stands and do not know where to start? Here are a few tips to guide you.

The Size Of Your Plant

When getting a plant stand, you should know the size of your plant and also the size of your house and whether it can be able to hold the plant. The best stand to choose is one that can keep plants of different sizes

You Should Know Where To Place Your Plant Stand

You should place plants that need equal care and ensure you get a plant stand to strengthen your vessels’ stability, plants and the soil you use.

Check The Amount of Light The Plant Requires

If you acquire a plant that needs a lot of light, you can ensure you get a ferm living plant stand that’s high enough for the plant to access light easily.

However, when you get a plant that doesn’t require too much light, you can get a plant display that’s lower and much closer to the ground to avoid rays

Select A Pot With Good Drainage

This is primarily beneficial when you are unable to water the plants daily, but you should ensure you drain the water because it could attract mosquitos.

Light Soil Is Preferably The Best

You should avoid heavy soil, and you should fill your pot with pine bark and leaves, for they are easier to move around than rich soil.

Identify How The Container Will Be Used

For instance, a container garden with shrubs and also trees or if you want to grow a water garden, you need to err on the side of your pot for more accessible accommodation.

You Should Consider The Material That Best Fits You

The material depends on where you deem fit to place your stand. Indoor plants need a more flexible frame, for they are not exposed to various materials. In contrast,  outdoor plant stands should be constructed from weatherproof materials or powder-coated metals to get spoiled fast.

You could choose wooden, bamboo, metallic or masonry or ceramic materials for your plant stand.

Choosing Your Plant Stand Style

Plant stands come in various styles to accommodate your plants, and the techniques include;

a.       You could use nesting: This type of style usually works in a way that pieces fit naturally together in descending order. You place them on the entryway or at the end of the hallway to create an illusion

b.       You could use a tabletop: They don’t need to be large per se, and smaller tabletops can make a huge impact when positioned well.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a good plant stand for your indoor and outdoor plants is very necessary because it makes your home look very elegant.


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