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Water Damage Removal – What You Need to Know

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Apart from how annoying water damage can be, it could destroy your properties within minutes and even leave you homeless. As such, cases of water damages are usually considered as issues or emergency and should be attended to in no time. In addition to causing havoc to your properties, water damage can also pose a serious health risk. When confronted with a case of water damage in your home or workplace, you should seek the services of a water damage removal Cincinnati OH.

What Can you Do?

When faced with a scenario of water damage, usually from a storm, flood, or a leaking pipe, the best option you should go for is to call for the services of water damage removal Cincinnati OH. Most times, these cleanup experts will arrive in time to handle the situation as they know it is an emergency. However, before professional help comes in, and because the havoc water damage causes can occur in minutes, there are DIY measures you can follow to minimize the damage before professional help sets in.

  • Prevent the water from getting to electrical appliances. While doing so, be careful so you don’t fall on a hard surface because the water would have made everywhere slippery.
  • Provide adequate ventilation by turning on your fans and opening your windows.
  • Remove your rug and any other upholstery as quickly as you can to prevent them from coming in contact with the water.
  • Take your documents to a safe place where there is a low risk of getting soaked by the water.
  • Mop out as much water as you can.

What Do the Professionals Do?

After you’ve called for a professional water removal Cincinnati OH, expect to see them in the nick of time. These experts have undergone training in handling these tasks and are well equipped with the right materials to do a thorough cleanup. Explained below are the steps these experts follow to do a neat clean up.

  • Inspection: They will carry out a thorough inspection mainly to ascertain the source and extent of the water damage. After the inspection, you will get a breakdown of the findings and the proposed plan for the cleanup.
  • Reduce Further Damage: Most times, before the team arrives, there would have been some degree of damage. The first action of the team will be to mitigate further damage. They will dry the areas that have been exposed to water. They will dry the area as much as possible. A thermo hygrometer is usually used for this task. Other advanced cleaning tools are also used.
  • Correct Water Intrusion: After locating the source of water damage, the team will proceed to control the moisture intrusion.
  • Dehumidification: To curb the growth and spread of molds and other contestants, the area will have to be dehumidified and well ventilated.
  • Final Inspection: A final inspection will be carried out by the team of experts to ensure that complete and thorough work has been done.

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