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The Need For Specialization In Crime Scene Cleanup Services

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Forensic investigator working at a crime scene

Today, crime scene cleanup services have now become sort of an umbrella term that covers a wide range of services. This has made a number of cleanup companies offer services that they can’t render very efficiently.

True, almost all types of crime scene cleanup services share certain common denominators when it comes to rendering them.  These would be in terms of the use of PPE, basic cleaning products, and equipment, the proper handling of blood and other bodily fluids amongst others. Sometimes, rendering a perfect cleanup service might go beyond all that and be specifically dependent on the type of crime scene the cleaners are working on. For instance, the type of equipment needed to perform a tear gas cleanup might be far different from what is needed to clean out and decontaminate a methamphetamine lab.

Now, while big cleanup companies might have the capability of offering a wide range of crime scene cleanup services, smaller companies often do not. The lack of certain sophisticated machines, tools, equipment, and even skilled labor might give rise to difficulty in handling some cleanup jobs. What then?

Carving Out Your Own Niche

To mitigate the problem of not being able to handle certain jobs, smaller companies might find it wiser to just focus on one or a few types of crime scene cleanup services to render. In other words, companies should consider specializing in offering only certain cleanup services.

Specialization helps these companies cut down running costs as they would only procure the tools, equipment, machines, and manpower necessary for the services they are specializing in. Prospective clients would also prefer to engage the services of professionals who have specialized in their areas of need.

When picking areas to specialize in, entrepreneurs must be careful. They must understand the industry, the market, and the locality they intend to establish the cleanup business in. Areas they specialize in should be the ones that are in very high demand.

Areas To Specialize In

As stated earlier, the DE-CON industry is a very big one encompassing different areas of specialization.  Some of these include:

  • Blood Cleanup

This is probably the most basic area in the industry and probably all companies are specialized in it. Thus, to have an edge, you must have additional areas of expertise in your company’s portfolio.

  • Death Cleanup

Some companies prefer to help grieving families clean up after the death of loved ones. This service is not only lucrative but fulfilling as it involves helping people move on during difficult times.

Cleanups such as unattended death cleanup and suicide cleanup can be categorized under this aspect. They can also be treated as different areas of specialization as they might require a different set of skills, equipment, and machines to render the services.

  • Hoarding Cleanup

Sometimes, the handling of blood is not involved in rendering hoarding cleanup services, but it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. In severe cases, there might be a need to deal with mold, animal carcasses, rodent droppings, insect infestation, etc. All these can pose a serious threat to human lives if not professionally handled.

There are several other areas for budding cleanup companies to specialize in, such as gas cleanups, cleaning out illicit drug laboratories, property restoration, etc. One just has to be thorough and careful enough to pick out the specialty that is best suited for the business.

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