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Unattended Death Cleanup: What You Should Do

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Have you ever discovered a dead body lying on the street? No doubt, that could be quite of a terrifying and awful sight. An unattended death describes the death of any individual whose body wasn’t claimed after a period of time. Usually, it takes hours, days, weeks and even months before these bodies get discovered. Unattended death could be due to a variety of reasons such as natural disasters, suicide, or accidents.  Also, people who live alone are more likely to die alone and their death unattended. This is because there would be no one around to know they’re dead. These people usually die from home accidents and medical emergencies. A professional unattended death cleanup is usually done when these bodies are discovered. However, if you’re in a scenario when you discover one, you could help yourself with some of these steps explained below.

What Should You Do?

When you discover an unattended death, you should follow the steps below to control the situation in the most appropriate way. Because the deceased body has undergone decomposition and exposes the surrounding to toxins and harmful pathogens, it is advised that you follow appropriate guidelines when dealing with such a scenario.

  • Contact Relevant Authorities: The first thing to do in this case is to reach out to the appropriate authorities for help. You may decide to go to the nearest police station to report the incident. Law enforcement agents and other related authorities will visit the scene and in most cases, handle the situation from there. The police might have to call in a coroner to determine the cause of death. Afterward, a professional unattended death cleanup service is contacted to perform a thorough cleaning job.
  • Help in the Transport of the Body: Most times, the deceased body will have to be transported to the morgue. You can decide to help with this. If however, an investigation is not needed, the next of kin will have to transfer the bodies.
  • Notify Others: You should also notify your loved ones about the unattended death. It is expedient that you let people know about the current happenings.
  • Never Do it Yourself: Never be tempted to attempt a cleanup yourself. Due to the biohazards involved, it is never recommended you do the cleanup yourself. You’ll be causing great harm by attempting an unattended death cleanup yourself.
  • Call for Professional Help: Call for professional help. Don’t be tempted to attempt the cleanup yourself. Call for a professional cleanup company to handle the unattended death cleanup. Professional cleanup services are in a good position to handle the biohazards that come with the decomposition process of death. Professional cleanup services have personal protective equipment which covers them and protects them against the harmful secretions from the deceased body.

Scenarios of unattended deaths are becoming increasingly common in recent days. There’s no need to fall into panic mode when you encounter one, just take the appropriate steps and you’ll be fine.



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