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Larry Moskowitz – The Use of Images in Art Paintings

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If you take a look at some of the greatest paintings in the world, you will often find the images used by the artist has been rendered in a realistic way with the strokes of a simple paintbrush. This makes you amazed at the way paintings are created. Examine the works of great artists like Vincent Van Gogh and experience how the whole painting resonates with you clearing illustrating the above fact!

Larry Moskowitz – Making statements with your paintbrush

Larry Moskowitz is a skilled artist, traveler, and photographer who lives in New York. He draws inspiration from several subjects, and when he paints a picture, he is mindful of the messages he wishes to depict in his work. He adds that most painters work with different strokes with their painting brushes. They view the art from different angles and apply the brush strokes accordingly.

Asking questions when creating paintings to create amazing artwork

He says that every artist generally asks himself or herself a series of questions when it comes to completing a piece of art. These questions and their answers actually guide the painter through the whole process. The goal of the artwork is important. The painter decides whether he or she wishes to communicate an experience or send across a social or environmental message to the targeted audience. There are again some painters that paint for themselves. A subject catches their eye and then proceed to put that down on canvas. The artist has to keep even subtle characteristics in the mind when creating pieces of art.

He has stolen hearts with his unique artwork and agents from major museums display his works regularly in galleries. You can see his work on his Facebook page. He has been inspired to paint from an early age

Colors and their role in paintings

Colors also play a vital role in painting and art. The artist needs to use a lot of layers of art when it comes to infusing pictures with life. The color may be dark or vibrant depending upon the painting being made. When it comes to the process of painting, it is a learning process. The field of art has so much knowledge that it is fun to experiment with new ideas and thoughts. Every artist needs to motivate oneself so that the best form of expression may come out on canvas. An artist needs to select the art materials carefully so that he or she can present the picture or image desired without flaws. It is fun to paint and create new artwork as each of them are special to the artist who creates them!

Larry Moskowitz says that when it comes to art, he is passionate about his craft and work. He also has dabbled with digital art and enjoys every step of the creative process. When it comes to ideas, he likes to think deeply before he finally expresses them on canvas. He is fond of working with different art surfaces and materials.

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