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Great Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Windows

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Windows are like the eyes of your home. You want to see through them clearly and have them add beauty, so keeping them clean and in good condition is important.

Basic Maintenance

It can be an excellent idea to inspect your windows every six months or so just to see if there are any issues that need addressing. If you live in a very wet location, or by the sea, you may need to check more frequently as some climates are much harder on windows that others. This year the UK heatwave caused significant damage to a number of buildings. To learn more, see this report from The Guardian.

When examining your windows, look at the state of the seal, the frames and of course the glass. When it comes to the frames, you will probably need to give these a coat of paint every three or four years, depending on where you live. If the paint is cracked, or there is other damage, then you may need to do repairs and sanding-back before you clean the surface and apply fresh paint.

Being Careful with Glass

Glass needs to be treated with some care, as it may break or be scratched, which will reduce the beauty of the view. Glass that is broken or cracked will need attention, possibly from a professional. Replacing a large window that is cracked or even broken is a big job that may require expert attention and equipment. Injuries can be caused by broken glass, and it is not a good idea to put yourself in danger.

If you think you have windows that need repairing or just want to find out more about the general options regarding windows Dublin, then it would be worthwhile to talk to experts who know about windows Dublin such as https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin/. A reputable firm like this can supply plenty of advice and guidance.

Broken windows do not look attractive and can also send out the wrong message, telling thieves or vandals that the property is ripe for breaking into or even squatting in. Ignoring issues with windows will only make them worse, so make sure that damaged windows are fixed. Clean windows make a property look much more attractive and welcoming too, so putting the time in to clean windows is always rewarding.

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