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Highlight Architectural Features with Landscape Lighting

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No matter the architectural style of your home, there is a landscape lighting design that can best accentuate the various features that you want to show off the most. With so many placement ideas and fixture options from which to choose, you can design the best landscape lighting las vegas lighting companies have to offer.

Let’s go through some of the most common factors and considerations to keep in mind as you go about composing the best design for your home’s exterior:


Your lighting design has two goals to fulfill. The first, of course, is providing much needed illumination around the exterior of your home. This lighting is intended not only to improve the curb appeal of the house but also to offer increased safety and security for you and your family. Your lighting should properly light walkways and stairwells so that you help to keep anyone from falling down in the dark.

This lighting should also keep intruders at bay and deter thieves who are targeting empty homes for criminal activity.


Here is the other major factor to consider in your scheme. You want your lighting to highlight certain architectural features that you are most proud of while your lighting makes it the home safe and sound. But you need to take into account the features you want to spotlight first, only then can you start to put together a landscape lighting plan.

So, consider how your lighting might best accentuate your home’s beauty while also making it safer to walk outside from one part of the house to the other at night.

Of course, not all of your fixtures are required to pull double-duty in your design scheme. You can certainly install lighting that highlights your home’s architecture while illuminating commonly used pathways, but you can also dedicate certain fixtures towards spotlighting a certain element of the home or backyard.

Placing Your Lights

Take a look at the outside of your house. What do you like the most and do you wish to accentuate those aspects of the exterior with light in the evenings? Once you have answered those questions, you can start to decide where you want to place your lights for the best effect. In some cases, you might want to uplight certain features, in others you may want to train a spotlight on something you are particularly proud of.

Maybe you find a certain component of your home’s exterior somewhat staid or boring, a carefully placed light fixture can turn than ho-hum aspect of the home into something intriguing and memorable. The best part about designing a landscape lighting scheme is that you are limited only by your imagination (and your property line, of course, you don’t want to be shining any lights into your neighbor’s windows).

After you’ve figured out what you want to accentuate and highlight, you will begin the work of picking out the fixtures that will best achieve the desired appearance you have in mind for all of your home’s best features.

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