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Residential Uses for Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy coated concrete flooring has been popular in industrial settings for years, but there are also many residential applications. Epoxy flooring can provide an upgrade for your garage, home gym and even your kitchen.

Upgrade Your Garage Floor

Is your garage floor chipped, cracked or stained? Or maybe you’re just tired of looking at that boring slab of gray concrete? Garage floor epoxy can totally transform the appearance of your garage, at a cost, you can afford.

With an epoxy coating, your garage floor doesn’t need to be boring gray anymore. You can choose a color or pattern that suits your style, or even matches your car.

As a bonus, epoxy coatings are moisture, stain and impact-resistant, which means it will be much easier to keep your new garage floor looking nice.

Improve Your Home Gym or Rec Room

The heavy equipment and high traffic that comes with a home gym or rec room can be murder on your flooring. The impact and scratch-resistant nature of epoxy flooring that makes it a great choice for your garage floor will also help it stand up to the demands of these hard-working rooms.

Your home gym and rec room need to be functional, but they also need to be fun. Choose vibrant colors and fun patterns to enhance the fun factor of your rec room and make your gym a more pleasant place to sweat. If you’d really like to get fancy, you can even have custom 3D digital art made.

Create a Modern Industrial Look for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably not the first room you think of when considering concrete flooring, but epoxy coated concrete floors are a great fit in many of today’s modern and industrial chic kitchen designs.

The highly customizable design options make epoxy flooring a versatile design choice, but it is also a functional one. The moisture resistance of epoxy coating is great for the kitchen. Epoxy coating helps protect your kitchen floor from moisture damage due to leaks and spills and makes those leaks and spills much easier to clean up because they don’t soak into the flooring.

With the addition of a textured element, epoxy coated concrete can make your kitchen safer by making it slip-resistant, which is super important when you’re mixing sharp knives, hot pots and wet floors.

Epoxy flooring isn’t just for businesses. Whether you’re looking for style, function or both, epoxy coated concrete flooring is a great option for your residence.

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