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The Best Flooring Choices for a Busy Family Home

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As your family grows, your home adapts to the increasing bustle, noise and mess. Having the right flooring option to suit everyone becomes something to suit family life which will be attractive and long-lasting. Here are some things to paramount as traffic increases. You will want consider when buying new flooring.

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As small children learn to crawl, they spend a lot of time on the floor putting sticky fingers into everything. Germ-free surfaces are important to protect them from bugs.


With children learning to walk or older children liable to rush around the house, you need a softer flooring surface to cushion any knocks.


With highchairs being moved around and children’s toys being dumped on the floor, you need a hard-wearing flooring solution that will survive bumps and damage.


As you most likely don’t have the time to keep cleaning the floors, you should buy a low-maintenance product that can be easily and quickly cleaned.

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Children can cause a lot of noise. With high ceilings, you could think about flooring that absorbs sound well so noise doesn’t travel around the home.


You need to understand about VOC to be safe. VOC is an acronym for volatile organic compound, a chemical present in man-made materials. It becomes a gas at room temperature, so children and allergy sufferers may experience affected airways. When buying, check labels: figures above 50% are high.

For more information about flooring see https://www.idealhome.co.uk/kitchen/kitchen-ideas/kitchen-flooring-ideas-91279.

Engineered Flooring can be found at https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html.

The Best Types of Flooring


So soft and inviting, carpet cushions falls and gives a good grip. Children with bare feet can roam and play comfortably. These days, technology deals well with spills: look for a stain-free product (fibres are treated so that marks don’t sink through). As easy to wipe as a hard floor, carpet has protective backing to prevent seepage.


Laminate is great for those who want a harder surface. Easy to clean and scratch-resistant, a quick sweep or mop of this floor will have things looking shipshape again. A damp cloth and cleaning solution easily deal with isolated marks.

It is possible to replace this floor in cost-effective sections should individual parts become badly damaged. For a warmer ambience, you can put down rugs.

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