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Tips on Keeping That Garage Flooring Like New and Stain-Free

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Homebuying is an exciting time, albeit stressful. Once all of the legalities and escrow requirements satisfied, it is time to get a move on! A move-in that is, transferring all of your worldly possessions to your new home. However, if you intend to do any upgrades, remodeling, or refinishing of your property, the time to make these changes are before you have all of your furniture and boxes in the way.

Flooring needs to be completed without any furniture inside. Rather than transferring everything to the basement or the front lawn, it is easier to do this when the house is empty. Of course, should you decide to replace flooring in a home you are already established in, you will need to move your belongings out of the way.

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance and durability of the traditional concrete flooring in the garage? Yes, the garage. It has a floor as well, right? The issue that many homeowners face is the porous nature of the concrete; which allows drips and spills from vehicles to be permanent stains on the floor of the garage. Unfortunately, standard concrete will crack over time, and sometimes leave floors uneven or chipped.

What if I told you there is a way to protect your garage floor from spills, while giving it a nice shine and hardened topcoat which can extend the life of the concrete? There are epoxy resins that are specifically designed for this purpose. Companies like ArmorGarage offer epoxy topcoat that is a simple DIY that can save you money on labor by ordering their kit. This also saves money on repairs or resurfacing down the road.

Hardened epoxy flooring offers these benefits to your garage:

  • Resistant to impact, chipping, and discoloration
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Doesn’t absorb oil spills
  • Safe from mold, mildew, and road salt
  • Available in 19 mil (residential) and 23 mil (commercial) thickness
  • Beautiful showroom quality shine
  • Extends life of concrete flooring
  • Available in multiple color options

It is also important to note that the quality of the product is crucial to the successful finish of your floor. While there are epoxies available for a discounted rate at home stores, the quality of the material must be investigated properly prior to applying. Always look for references or reviews on products from verified customers, preferably after some time has passed since the application of the epoxy.

There is a new trend in flooring, that home decorators and property owners are embracing. The unique look of epoxy over concrete flooring, even inside the home. Due to the versatility of epoxy, the diverse finished appearances please a wide range of styles. Different color swirls, perhaps a mosaic type beneath the epoxy or even coins embedded in the resin. The only boundaries it seems is limited to the imagination of the decorator. While it is marketed as garage epoxy, the truth is, it can be applied anywhere you see fit.

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