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A Look into the Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Trend that is Spreading Rapidly

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Imagine a comfortable home where temperature is always regulated yet the systems are out of sight and doesn’t require much effort or knowledge from your side. The heating and cooling systems work optimally and doesn’t require much maintenance.

You have probably dreamt of a home full of life. The fresh air, magnificent lighting and the feel that you’re at a serene environment. You could hear birds chirp and the whole experience is magical. That is awesome, right?

Well, you can make those dreams come through by looking for a Geothermal Cooling System Services wildwood mo. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are meant to transform your house into a comfortable home. It ensures that during winter, you home is warm and cool during summer.

How geothermal cooling system work

Usually, the underground temperature does not fluctuate with change in seasons throughout the year unlike outdoor temperatures. Geothermal cooling systems take advantage of that to tap the ‘free’ energy from the underground.

A geothermal system consists of a handling unit inside a house as well as buried system of pipes usually known as reinjection well or earth loop.

However, the geothermal cooling systems should not be confused with geothermal energy which involves different processes to generate electricity. The process usually involves exothermic boiling of water. The pipes that makes up the earth loop which are usually made of polythene are buried underground whether vertically or horizontally depending on the characteristic of the geothermal site. Moreover, engineers can design an open loop system whereby a well is dug to reach the underground water base and the water is pumped up to the heat exchange chambers and injected back to the aquifer.

During the cold season, the water pumped from the well absorbs the heat from the underground environment and takes it to the indoors where the heat unit compresses the temperatures and distributes throughout the house. It works the same as an air conditioner but in reverse. During summer, the loop system absorbs heat from the house and takes it through the earth loop to the well where it is re-injected to the aquifer.

The geothermal HVAC system does not burn fuel to generate heat, it only exchanges heat from the earth with the cold air from the house and vice-versa to keep the home’s temperature at bay. It only requires electricity to power the unit’s fan, pump and compressor. The main components of the geothermal HVAC include the heat-pump unit, the air-delivery system as well as the liquid heat-exchange medium. The efficiency of geothermal pumps depends on their coefficient of performance or COP. This is a scientific way to determine its performance by comparing the energy it moves to how much it uses.

The geothermal heating and cooling system has spread rapidly across many countries because of the little maintenance it requires, more friendly to the environment and its installation cost is relatively low. It is a new trend for the United States home owners as green projects takes ground. Apparently, by 2016, about 20% of newly built homes in the United States make use of green project technology.

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