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How to Care for Your Crank Casement Windows

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Crank casement Andersen windows are some of the easiest windows to operate. You simply turn a crank that swings the window open and shut like a door. Many homeowners will install these types of windows because they offer plenty of visibility to the outdoors while allowing you to bring air flow and ventilation into the home without the need for a wide opening.

This reduces the capability for intruders to use these windows as a means of ingress and the design and manufacture of the window provides for increased energy efficiency. So if you are considering replacing your windows in the near future, you may want to consider this popular and affordable option.

For those who have these windows currently installed, you must implement routine maintenance to help preserve their lifespan and performance. Fortunately, the care and maintenance of these windows is easy to perform. Here are some helpful hints as to how you can keep them in tip-top shape:


This is the most important aspect of maintenance that you must conduct with crank casement windows for the main reason that they contain so many moving parts. These include the crank unit, operational armatures, and locking mechanism. All of these components must be in good working order or you could end up damaging one or more with routine use without proper lubricants.

A good way to determine if it’s time to apply some new lubrication is to see if you can open the window without any difficulty. If the window opens and closes smoothly and with no resistance, then you are good to go. However, if the opposite occurs and you are laboring to even turn the crank much less get the window to budge, then you need to get the lubricant ready.

First, clean away any grime, dust, and dirt that might be caught in the gears. Spray the lubricant on the armatures and locking mechanism and always opt for silicone-based alternatives instead of oil-based because the latter will just bring in more grime and dirt.

Window Sashes

Casement windows can be tough to care for because the hinges can act as an obstruction, making it tougher to clear away those nooks and crannies. But crank casement windows present no such difficulty as the sashes open away from the frames, allowing you to clean from the inside and outside.

So, getting at those windows that are located on the second floor of the home is a cinch as you can reach around the width and length of the sash without hanging out the window entirely.

While we’re discussing the sashes of your casement windows, a common issue that can emerge is the inability of the sash to sit flush on the frame. Luckily, this is an easy problem to diagnose as it could be a damaged armature or a warped frame due to heat or humidity. Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t delay on getting the problem fixed as a sash that is not seated fully can reduce your energy-efficiency.

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