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How can the trees help to beat the summer heat?

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The high energy bills are an issue of almost all people, especially those living in the areas where the summer and winter are extreme. The people here have to take measures to cool down their homes in the scorching heat of summer, and they have to heat their homes in the chilling cold of winter.

Several strategies are taken into practice to cool down the house or to heat it artificially. The most common method used is the air conditioning on the house using the HVAC units. To lower the energy bills, people use solar panels to use the solar energy for running these units.

Along with this, passive heating and cooling methods are also used to make the house’s temperature get normalized. In the passive heating or cooling approach, natural methods are used to reduce the costs.

One such method for cooling the house in the scorching weather is to plant the trees so that there is a shade of the trees falling on the house’s windows, doors, and roof. So that they are least exposed to the sunlight, and the temperature eventually falls. According to the studies, the temperature decreases to 6 degrees when the house is under the trees’ shade.

Therefore, if you live in an area that gets plenty of heat, plant trees, but when you are planting the trees, take care of the following things.

  • Choose the trees wisely, that is, the trees that provide plenty of shade and grow well according to your area’s climate and soil.
  • Plant trees so that they are angled to throw maximum shade on the house and help keep it cool in the summer.
  • The distances between the trees must be so that the shade spread maximum on to the house. The distance should also be considered for the branches’ tangling because the branches of the trees can get into each other and cause trouble. The distance is to be considered for the fallen trees as well because sometimes the trees fall, and if they fall on the property, they cause much damage too. Although tree removal Auburn AL can help eliminate the fallen trees, you could avoid such accidents if you plant the trees under professionals’ supervision.
  • The outdoor unit of the air conditioner should also be considered while planting the trees so that maximum shade could fall upon it and keep it cool. It can significantly affect the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.
  • Other than the house’s structure, consider the patios, yard, lawn, and driveways as well, for the shade as these areas are the favorite sites for sitting in the summer evenings.
  • Last but not least is to select the evergreen trees for the passive heating or cooling of the house because the other trees would lose their leaves in the fall and winter, and the empty trees would be of no use in winter.

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