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Blood Spill Cleanup Service: Dealing With Carpeted Floors

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Accidents can never be 100% prevented. The best anyone could do is put safety protocols, devices, and fittings in place to significantly reduce the likelihood of them happening. But even with all the safety measures in place, especially in places like a child care center or even your home, someone could still end up with a bloody toe and mess up the carpeted floors. Now, you find yourself cleaning up blood or calling on a professional blood spill cleanup service.

Cleaning Up Blood on Carpeted Floors

Firstly, it is important to point out that cleaning up blood spills can be a dangerous affair. In fact, it’s best to call on professionals to do the job if the blood spill covers an area bigger than a dinner plate. If you must do it yourself, always assume that the blood you are about to clean up is infected with a dangerous disease like HIV, Hepatitis B, or C. This would help you to move with caution. Then, you can follow the steps below

Wear Disposable Gloves

As usual, your personal safety comes first. No matter what amount of blood you are cleaning and on what surface, wear some gloves first.

Limit the Spread

Cleaning blood from carpeted floors is hard enough. Thus, ensure to control how widespread the blood gets. You can do this by creating barriers with absorbent materials around the affected area.

First Disinfection

Spray affected area with a disinfectant suitable for carpets to kill off as many pathogens as possible. After spraying, leave for at least 10 minutes for it to take full effect.

Remove Absorbed Fluid

No doubt, the carpet will absorb most of the fluid sprayed on it. So, you would need to use a wet-vacuum to remove the absorbed fluid. To do this successfully, you would need to wet and suction the affected area as many times as necessary.

Second Disinfection

Spray the affected area with disinfectant again. This time, allow the disinfectant to work for at least 20 minutes before the next step.

Third Disinfection

Disinfect the area again for the last time and leave for at least 10 minutes.

Rinsing and Wet-Vacuum

After completing the disinfection process, you would need to rinse out all excess disinfectants from the area. After which you should repeat the wet-vacuum process to get any excess moisture out.


You might now need to dry out any remaining moisture with rags and then place fans close to the area to completely dry it and avoid any other complications in the future.

Be careful not to use just any disinfectant, as some might cause harm to your flooring. Follow your carpet manufacturer’s instructions when getting a disinfectant.

Things to Remember

Cleaning up a blood spill on a carpet is one of the most difficult blood spill cleanup service that can be rendered because of the absorbent nature of carpets generally. However, with enough guidance, you can get it done even if you are not a professional. You just have to remember to work quickly, be safety conscious, and have all the appropriate tools, materials, and equipment you will need.

Finally, remember to properly clean up all the materials you used while cleaning up. All disposable materials that were used in the cleanup process must be appropriately bagged and disposed of as well.

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