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Blood Spill Cleanup Service: Dealing With Furniture And The Pool

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Accidents do not give a warning before they happen. The best you can do is be prepared to handle it whenever they do. Often times accidents involve bleeding and they could happen anywhere. Thus, no matter who you are, and no matter what line of work you are in, you might be better prepared for an accident if you know how to provide an efficient blood spill cleanup service.

This article discusses what a blood spill cleanup service does in 2 distinct situations – an affected furniture and a pool containing blood– entails.

An Affected Furniture

Cleaning out blood spills on a furniture can be quite difficult depending on what the furniture is made of. The cleaning process also differs based on not just the material but also how wide the affected area is.

For cloth furniture, the best thing to do is remove the cloth covering and wash it with warm water and disinfectant. This is assuming the cloth cover is removable, the spill is not much and the cloth material itself is not totally porous. If it is irremovable, then you should disinfect the area at least 3 times, giving the disinfectant a minimum of 10 minutes each time for maximum effect. After which, you can then extract any excess moisture or disinfectant using a vacuum, rags or fans, or a combination of all three. Be careful to use disinfectants that won’t ruin your furniture.

For metal or wood furniture, enough and correct application of bleach would do the trick. You are advised to create a mixture of 9 parts of bleach and 1 part of water and apply to the affected area. Then, after a minimum of 15 minutes, you can wipe up any excess moisture.

A Pool

Many people do not know the steps to take when mishaps occur in a pool area and it leads to bleeding in the water. Some pool owners close the pool for a while, or drain out the water and carry out some cleaning.

In fact, when blood gets in a pool, the only action that needs be taken is ensuring that the bleeding is contained immediately and it doesn’t contaminate anywhere else. This is because no bloodborne pathogens can survive in a properly maintained pool due to the amount of chlorine contained therein. This fact stands true for any and all bloodborne pathogens, including the Hepatitis B virus or HIV.

If you manage a recreational center, you might want to close the pool for a while so as to put your clients at ease. Asides that, there is no health reason to do so.

However, if the blood spill is not in the pool directly, but in its area, you would need to perform a blood spill cleanup service. The same process used in cleaning up furniture made of metal or wood can be applied in this instance as well.

Keep in mind that when cleaning any blood spill, you are opening yourself up to risks, thus you should always put personal safety first. Always wear gloves. You should also wear other PPE if the spread of the blood is extensive. Most importantly, if the task looks more than you can handle, call on the professionals.

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