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Chandeliers or Pendant Lights – Which Is the Ideal Choice

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Installation of the right lighting system has always been the priority of all homeowners today. The best way of brightening any room is with the help of the right kind of lighting system. Chandeliers have become the most preferred way of lighting up the area of any room décor.

You can find many options while choosing chandeliers for your home on Sofary lighting and Modern Solutions. They are best known for their options and can guarantee you the best quality products at affordable prices. You can even know more about the benefits of installing chandeliers in your home over the pendant lights.

Pendant Lightings 

The pendant light is available in many forms and decorative styles. Before choosing them, you need to understand the actual purpose of the pendant light in your home. This is an ideal choice for some of the areas in the house such as the laundry room, baby nursery, kitchen and dining area, and so on because they will not need the space that is required for the installation like chandeliers.

Pendant lights will be hung from the ceiling with a central cord or chain. The designs of these will be updated periodically and can help you add a sense of minimalistic or modern touch to your room. You can use pendant lights even for setting a mood during your romantic dinner with your dear ones.


  • Availability of multiple options
  • Lights can be easily changed from one style to another
  • The ideal choice for the smaller areas
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • You can direct the light in any required way.


  • The quality of light is quite low
  • Requires professional installation and cannot be installed with the DIY options
  • Cannot cover wide space when lights up.
  • The only specific light bulb will work with pendant lights.


Chandeliers are the type of lighting that can add a sense of elegance and style to the place where they are installed. They came into existence in the 17th century and are in great demand from them. They are best known to cover a wide area, every time they light up.


  • Adds a sense of style and elegance to any room.
  • Available in multiple sizes and options.
  • Can easily light up the whole room.
  • Can be installed in any room.


  • Cannot be easily affordable.
  • Requires the help of a professional installation expert for the installations.
  • Trickier to install in any space
  • Cannot be molded into any other style.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are quite difficult.

Chandeliers will be designed in such a way that they require multiple chains to hang from the ceiling. They are available with multiple arms with the option to add more lighting bulbs to them. They are quite formal and intricate, and hence can create even a professional ambiance as well, when installed in the office buildings.

Both the pendant lighting system and chandeliers have their own set of pros and cons. They both work well as house lighting options as well as professional lighting options. Know about their benefits and disadvantages of installation and make the right choice.

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