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Deck Framing Basics You Should Know

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When it comes to deck building, you need to know the basics. Otherwise you could be making some costly mistakes that will be very expensive to rectify. So before you build that custom deck Bethesda , here are important fundamentals you must keep in mind as your plan and construct this popular do it yourself project.

The Importance Of Deck Framing

Deck framing is absolutely essential to the success of your project because it fortifies the structural integrity and durability of the deck. Without it, you can’t be sure your deck won’t simply collapse one day while you, your family, and your guests are hanging out on it. Deck framing also makes your deck compliant with all local building codes so the structure will pass inspection when the time comes for a building inspector to examine the work you’ve done.

The Best Materials

When you’re shopping around for the best deck framing material, you want to opt for pressure-treated lumber options. You should also consider wood species that are naturally resistant to the effects of rot and decay. However, another option to consider isn’t wood at all, but metal framing. That’s because it’s highly durable and provides greater strength thresholds than even some of the most dense species of wood.

The Purpose Of Deck Flashing

Flashing is waterproof material that is designed to resist the impacts of corrosion. This is applied to your deck’s ledger board as a means to keep water from getting through the exterior walls of the house through any gaps or vulnerabilities that might occur during the ledger board installation process. Most flashing material is constructed from stainless steel, vinyl, or copper.

Let’s Talk About Ledger Board

Perhaps we were getting ahead of ourselves in the previous paragraph. Flashing is crucial to install to your ledger deck. But if you don’t know what a ledger deck is, then you may be a little bit lost at the moment.

So let’s go over what a ledger board is supposed to do for your deck. This is board made of a similar framing material as the rest of your deck framing that is connected to the house by way of the frame of the house. It is where your deck’s joists will be installed perpendicularly with the series of brackets that establish the width of your deck surface.

The Surface Of The Deck

You will need to select the right decking materials to create the top surface of your deck. This is the area where you and your family will walking, sitting, and resting on the deck once it’s been built. You will make this decision based on aesthetics and functionality along with durability. You can go with pressure-treated lumber or select an aluminum material. Both of these are viable options that will make your deck look and perform its best.

Don’t Forget The Deck Railing

Simply put, your railing is installed along the outer edge of the deck and stairwell to prevent anyone from falling off the deck. The type you choose should also enhance the appearance of the deck while making it durable enough to make your deck as safe as possible at all times.

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