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How to Properly Prepare for a Home Redesign

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If you are looking to redesign your home it does not have to be huge ordeal. A mistake many make is overthinking the concept of home improvement. Improvement does not always require a contracted job involving renovation. Often time it can be little to no expenditure and use items that you already own. You just have to approach it the right way. Here are some factors you should consider when reinvigorating your living space.

Is it a Renovation or a Redesign?

There is a difference between redesign and renovation and it revolves around a hammer. Adding a new room to your house, knocking down a wall, or installing a new roof or all examples of renovation. They require a lot of work, money, and time to complete. A redesign is a much simpler task. It is stylizing your living arraignments. This can be done by moving the furniture from one side of the room to the other. So, before you get crazy first determine the scale of the changes you want to make.

Play the Simplicity

A home redesign can be accomplished by hanging pictures in one spot, adding a larger source of light to a room, or ditching the slip covers from your books. You do not have to build a new home within in your old one to change its appearance. So, aim smaller at first and save the big stuff for later. Ask yourself what you want to do and how that can be easily achieved. Adding color to a room requires object of the particular color you want. So, see what you have and then get creative with the rest.

Determine what Needs to be Changed

If there is a sore spot in a room it can drive you crazy. Luckily, sore spots can be dealt with. Be surgical in what you want changed about your home. Some homes open directly into a hallway. You can fix that by turning the hall into an archway for whatever is behind it. True, it is a renovation but not on the huge scale. If you have a large opening into a room you can hang a barn door. It is an easy fix and does not cost a lot. It is also very stylized and surgically satisfies your overall design. A great place to look are sites like https://onedaydoorsandclosets.com/barn-doors/.


One tactic many use is to stylize their surroundings. This can be done by hanging up related pieces of art, buying new furniture, or even replacing cabinet handles. Replacing the knobs on drawers and handles can make the entire room look different. A bathroom can be completely invigorated with a new potty seat or shower nozzle. It may seem ridiculous but small improvements have a large effect on a room.


Nothing can change the appearance of a room like a fresh coat of paint. You do not even have to paint the entire house. You can move room by room and make each new room a different color. You will be surprised what a new color on the walls does for the interior of a room.


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