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How to protect your garden from the squirrels?

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If you find your garden to be visited by some uninvited visitor some days, you need to track the problem as it can be the squirrels. The best way to identify them is to check them in the garden, and this can be done by looking at the half-eaten fruits and vegetable pieces, dug out bulbs of the freshly put plants, and the searched out garbage cans as well. If these are the things you are noticing in your garden, then it is pretty sure that there are squirrels in the garden, and you need to stop them by taking the necessary measures. But how?

Let us look at a few handy tips from the experts like Landscaping Georgetown TX to get rid of the squirrels and other rodents from the garden.

  • Be active and diligent about what the squirrels are eating. If they are coming after the fruits and vegetables, hide their food away from the garden to save your neck from their mess. This will hurry them away in a corner.
  • Make sure that the trash cans are fully secured and are not easy to open. The less there would be for the squirrels to feast at, the better it would be, and lesser would be the chance for them to come again.
  • The squirrels are usually scared of the dogs, and the dogs like to run after them, which eventually shoos them away. So getting a dog might be helpful in this case, and taming it to chase the squirrels would be ideal.
  • Surprising them would also help in getting rid of them. Please make use of the motion detection water sprinklers or shoo them off yourself so that they do not turn back quickly.
  • Making use of the barbed wires or enclosures around the plant and beds would help keep the squirrels and rodents away.
  • Some specific fragrances help keep the squirrels away, and these include the deer perfumes. So spread this scent around and keep the squirrels away. The presence of dog hair in the lawn also a way of shooing the squirrels off from your garden.
  • Mulch can be beneficial with the squirrels because they do not like the mulch’s feel, and they like to move away from it. Adding some gravel inside the mulch will be very helpful when you do not want the squirrels to visit your yard.


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