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Importance Of Home Automation For Your Long Island Household

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If you are a science fiction fan, you have probably dreamed about having a personal assistant that will help you handle anything inside your household with a single sentence. Of course, we have not reached the point of flying cars, but the ability to implement automation is now a reality.

For instance, Long Island home automation has progressed to a point where you can quickly smarten up your home. The idea is to control security systems, maintain energy expenses and handle other things as well with convenience and by using a mobile device.

Let us start from the beginning.

What Is Home Automation?

In general, the idea of home automation is based on connectivity, in which all home appliances can connect so that you can control them by using a single device such as a mobile device or tablet.

Of course, we have not reached the point where all appliances can connect on the internet, but some of them can have Wi-Fi connection, but they require appropriate applications so that you can control them.

The goal of the Internet of Things concept is to provide us an ability to get our appliances to do what we want without pressing a button.

For instance, imagine that you enter a room, and as soon as sensors notice that you are inside, the curtains can go up, and temperature turns on as well as the song you enjoy.

By interconnecting the appliances that feature Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to use a single software platform so that you can control anything around your household. We are talking about home security, ability to control temperature, and HVAC system when you are outside the home.

You should check here to learn more about home automation in general.

Benefits of Home Automation

1.    Cooling and Heating

The idea is to control your convenience based on preferences so that you can improve your comfort levels in general. That is why; you should implement smart thermostats that are perfect solutions that will help you automate your household with ease.

You can set it up so that your HVAC system can adapt based on your current position, which means that it will not work at full capacity when you are away. That will help you save energy and lower your bills.

In case you have to leave your work early, you will be able to use app on your Smartphone so that you can turn on the heat so that you can enter a cozy home.

However, this is not a significant benefit due to energy savings, because having a smart thermostat that will start a few minutes before you wake up means that you will always be able to enjoy in comfort inside your home.

At the same time, some thermostat feature motion sensors, which means that they will determine which rooms are occupied and raise the temperature of the home in desired areas while reducing the expanses in others.

2.    Save Energy in a Long Run

You will be able to save energy in areas that you are not using inside your household. Devices can enter the standby mode when you are away, which will reduce your carbon footprint and energy expenses.

Have in mind that according to the Department of Energy (check their official website: https://www.energy.gov/), the devices that are sucking your power while not working are creating approximately $100 on the average yearly electrical bill in the USA.

By using appliances at the right time, you will be able to measure energy usage for individual and specific devices, which will allow you to understand whether some old appliances drain too much energy.

You will also be able to connect your entire system with the power company so that the automation system can determine the best power rates and operate specific functions when they are lowest while avoiding peak times.

3.    Save Water

In some specific locations, the expanses of water can reach high levels during the season. Therefore, when you decide to add sprinkler control to the automation system, you will be able to qualify for rebates.

You can also control the expenses by using a Smartphone app, which will help you, cut down bills and save water in the long run.

This is just a start because home automation is one of the most efficient ways to become aware of your energy expenses so that you can enjoy all the way.

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