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Quick Guide for Buying Shipping and Storage Containers

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Buying a shipping container is an investment, and it should be treated the same as purchasing a house or a car. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to know when buying shipping and storage containers for sale in north america. The smallest new container usually goes for around $1,500 because of this the very first thing to know is whether or not you truly need a storage container. There are many questions to ask yourself to figure out if you need it or you should get a cheaper option. You can even make your own depending on your needs! Common questions you should ask yourself:

What is the goal?
What are my options?
Do i have the space?

Once you decided that a shipping container is the way to go there are many things to keep in mind when shopping for one. The purpose of the container will determine what you should weight in favor when deciding. If you need it for storage you should consider more the durability and the need of the equipment being stored. Some containers come weatherproof, corrosion resistant, and even with built in air conditioning. Other things to consider are safety, size, and the material it’s made of.

Rent, or Buy?

Your need will determine this decision. If you have a constant flow of materials but know your maximum capacity and your time frame you might want to rent a storage container. Many companies offer renting services at a ridiculously low price – even as low as $80 per month! -. If you know it is an extended stay or you can re-use it or re-sell it eventually it will usually be better to outright buy one.

Buying a Re-Purposed Container

The beauty of containers come in their durability, depending on the material, the features and the source it came from it is sometimes a better idea to go to a nearby dock or warehouse facility and see if they have some for sale. Due to a huge trade deficit in the market it will be easier to haggle or make deals with the owners -Since they too usually want to get rid of them due to high inventory-.

Delivery and Quality

This is a big part of the initial decision. If you live near docs or industrialized areas it may be easier than in other rural areas. Because of this it is a good idea to look at different vendors and see if they offer delivery services. It might also be worth it to look for an inspector to analyze and determine the quality. When purchasing it is imperative to look into this as it can make or break your buy. Some vendors even offer free delivery depending on deals they might have or in haggles made on the spot when shopping.

Overall buying a shipping container is a great investment because of both its re-sell value and their versatility. Nevertheless, just like any house or car it is critically important to make your own research into the vendors and their history to make sure you are making the best purchase possible.


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