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The Worst Things You Can Spill On Your Carpet

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You paid a lot to have that new carpeting installed, the best way to protect that investment is by calling in beaufortsc carpet cleaners to give it a thorough cleaning at least once a year. But how do you keep a clean carpet in the home for the times in between those professional cleanings?

One thing you should be careful about is avoiding spills, especially the following liquids and substances. These can all give your carpet an ugly stain and a bad smell should you allow these things to stay on the fibers for any length of time. Remember, the longer it sits on your carpet, the more likely it will seep and soak into the surface..

The following items are among the worst things to spill on the carpet, ever. If you do find that something from this lineup has been left on the carpeting, you better act fast and clean it up as soon as possible. This isn’t always an option but if something has been spilled or a mess made on the carpeting, you need to get to it quickly to avoid a stain from setting.

But the following things are some of the worst you can spill as they can be almost impossible to get out even if you clean up the mess at the moment it occurs:


A few drops are easy to lift or at least hide with a piece of furniture. It’s when you or someone else or even a pet sustains a major injury that results in a lot of blood splashing the carpet. When it seeps into your fibers, you can find it very difficult to remove without some type of enzymatic cleaner to get in there and break down the mess to make it easier to clean.

Pet Urine and Feces

Once or twice is usually easy to clean but when the dog or cat has repeatedly used the carpet as a bathroom that can make it very difficult to clean thoroughly. In the case of urine, it can soak into the carpet and even underneath. When that happens, the urine is trapped and so is the smell. Not to mention the discoloration that can occur.

But it’s the odor that you need to deal with because if that lingers, it’s a signal to your pet that the area is suitable for use as a bathroom and the animal will continue to relieve itself on that spot of the carpet. So always be careful to get pet urine and feces off the carpet as quickly as you can.

Oil-based Ink

This is one of those spills that will likely stain your carpet no matter how fast you clean it up. The minute that ink makes contact with the carpet fibers, you’ve got a stain. You will need professional attention to remove that. Fortunately, spilling a water-based ink on the carpet is going to be much easier to lift up. So if you have a choice of inks to spill on your carpeting, go with the latter.

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