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Types of Truck Driving Jobs in North Dakota

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Driving a truck in North Dakota can be a good career choice for many. There are many types of trucking jobs available. Most require training, a Commercial Drivers License and passing a background check. Before you go through the training and apply for a CDL, you need to have an idea of what types of trucks you want to drive. Each class of CDL is meant for certain types of trucks, so you want to know what you need before you start the process.

Water Hauling

Water hauling Williams County North Dakota means spending a bit of time hauling water from oilfields. It can be a good choice for those interested in working around oil fields but not ready to take the leap into transporting oil filled containers. Many require a class A or B CDL to work depending on the type of truck used.

Side Dumps

Requiring a class A CDL, side-belly dump trucks are used to carry sand, gravel and debris. The truck dumps from the side rather than by lifting the bed and dumping out of the rear. The design offers the transporter to dump along a line rather than in one large pile. These trucks tend to offer more stability than end dump trucks.

Flatbed Hauling

Most flatbed trucks require a class A CDL to operate. Many local companies use flatbed trucks to transport large items from AC units to tires to scrap metal. Industries of all types use flatbed trucks to haul items or receive them from other companies. Flatbed trucks come in a variety of sizes and lengths. Larger trucks hauling multiple tons of products may require the driver have a class B or C CDL.

End Dumps

Like side dumps, end dump trucks haul a variety of material for a variety of reasons. These versatile trucks tend to carry more square footage of material than their side dump cousins but are not ideal in every situation. These trucks work well in tighter spaces but leave the load in one large pile.

Job Outlook

The weather in North Dakota isn’t for everyone and does have an impact on job needs especially during the winter. However, truck driving can still be a viable means of employment for many. Depending on the types of jobs, the work can be standard shifts or variable. Many require minimal to no experience to get started. Some offer additional benefits such as housing, insurance and good hourly wages.

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