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What Are the Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding?

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Unlike hardieplank siding raleigh, insulated vinyl siding is made from a polyvinyl or PVC outer layer with an interior layer of expanded polystyrene foam. This additional styrofoam component provides an enhanced insulation to the siding on your home. These types of siding are designed and manufactured to fit tightly to the exterior of the house.

In fact, each panel comes with a form-fitting profile so that it fits nice and tight against the home while allowing for a stepped profile to the finished product after installation.

Many homeowners choose to install vinyl siding to their homes because it requires very little routine maintenance and looks great year round. But adding that extra layer of insulation comes with many benefits that can do your home a lot of good:

Strength and Resilience

Insulated vinyl siding is stiffer and stronger than normal vinyl siding. That makes it more resistant to warping and the punishment doled out by high wind, heavy rain, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight.

This is not the case with typical vinyl siding, which is more vulnerable to damage and elevated levels of wear and tear that are prevalent in those regions of the country where weather plays a major role in the breakdown of the home’s exterior components. These impacts can also make the seams between the panels come apart, exposing the home to moisture and possible water damage.

The PVC shell and polystyrene lining make for a much stronger panel of siding, one that is more rigid and ideal for acting as a protective barrier around the outside of the home. This is good for warding off damage from any objects that might hit the side of the exterior, such as an errant rock from a lawn mower or a baseball hit from a neighboring yard.

Aesthetically Pleasing

You have a wider range of options as to color with insulated vinyl siding. Normal vinyl siding is only available in a limited amount of colors because many color options are unable to withstand heat and direct sunlight. But that’s not the case with insulated vinyl alternatives, due to the fact that the polystyrene interior layer makes the siding a lot stronger.

This allows for the siding to withstand the extreme heat and direct sunlight so manufacturers offer their customers more color options. Having that range of choices is a major benefit of insulated vinyl siding because the versatility makes your home look better and increases curb appeal.

The improved aesthetics can also play a big role in increasing the value of the home should you decide to resell at some point in the future.

Easy to Maintain

Since insulated vinyl siding is so resilient it’s even easier to maintain than normal vinyl siding, which is already pretty simple to care for year in and year out. Vinyl is designed to withstand the exterior elements but that extra layer of polystyrene prevents the material from breaking down prematurely, just as long as you implement some form of routine care once or twice a year.

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