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What Are the Most Common Causes for Dead Patches on Your Lawn?

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Dead patches are ugly, plain and simple. They’re also an urgent indication that something is very wrong with your yard and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. But there are any number of things that might be causing those dead patches to occur and diagnosing the reason why your lawn is showing these unseemly conditions is imperative to correcting the issue as quickly as possible.

Performing routine lawn maintenance ashland and taking heed of simple lawn mowing tips for a healthier lawn will help to preserve the look and feel that you really want in your yard:

Fungal Conditions

Heavy rains and high humidity can cause your lawn to feel the effects of fungal infections which are a result of poor air flow and limited sunlight. These issues can manifest themselves in the form of brown patches of dead grass. Employing a good fungicide that is meant for lawn care can go a long way to reducing the effects of fungus that might occur.

Pet Urine

When you take your dog out to the yard to do their business, that can also have a damaging effect on the grass. The nitrogen in pet urine is often devastating to the natural green hue of your yard and result in burned areas that are highly noticeable. Pet fecal matter can have a similar effect if that feces is left on the surface of the grass to sit.

To solve the problem, you can repair urine damage with the right seed and fecal matter must be picked up and not allowed to remain. This isn’t just bad for your yard; it creates an unhealthy environment for you and your family when you play and relax outdoors.

Miscellaneous Items

Speaking of playing and relaxing outdoors, your lawn can feel the effects of that fun when you leave items on the grass after playtime is over. Whether it’s a kiddie pool, some toys, or even lawn and gardening equipment left out from doing some landscaping work, anything that is allowed to rest on the grass for an extended period of time can cause dead spots in your lawn.

So be sure to pick up any items from your yard to help avoid dead patches from occurring. Taking the extra minute or two to clean up after you and the family are done enjoying the outdoors can go a long way to preserving the look and feel of your lawn.


These little pests can do a lot of harm to your lawn in no time at all. They cause dead patches in your yard by eating the roots of your grass. The longer you allow this to occur, the worse the problem will become and in a short period of time. When the roots are damaged, that can be a hassle to repair although it is possible to do.

The best way to prevent the issue from happening at all is by killing off the grubs that are currently in the lawn and stopping future generations from hatching. As for the damage that’s been done, you can fix that by removing the grass that has died and seeding the area with new grass.

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