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Common Bloodborne Pathogens Found at a Blood Spill Cleanup

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Violent crime scenes are usually left in a mess. You will find blood spills and other bodily tissues littering the crime scene. Failing to get rid of this mess fast and in a professional way can have consequential health hazards, especially if you mistakenly get into contact with a contaminated surface or material at the site of the event. When faced with such a situation, it is ideal to contact a credible blood spill cleanup service to avoid exposing yourself to harmful bloodborne pathogens. The need for blood spill cleanup can happen virtually anywhere, be it in the home, workplace, healthcare facilities, and general public space.

Deciding to hire a professional blood spill cleanup service is by far the best thing to do. Having these professionals clean up your property can be a lifesaver for you and your family. Bloodborne pathogens are harmful and highly contagious that if not tackled as quickly as possible can result in death. Worried about the cost of hiring a blood spill clean up service? You don’t have to, as your insurance policy has got it covered.

Common Bloodborne Pathogens


The world is yet to find a solution to this deadly virus. Though highly contagious, HIV is one of the most controllable bloodborne diseases in the world today. This virus has killed millions of people around the world, hence it will be wise to take precautions. A large percentage of people get infected through unprotected sexual intercourse with infected persons.

So how would you know if someone has contracted this virus? You will never know if a test isn’t carried out. That’s why you should avoid touching contaminated material or even going close to a crime scene. Leave blood cleanup to blood spill cleanup service. They are better equipped to clean the area.

Hepatitis B

The transmission rate of Hepatitis B has been contained, thanks to the discovery of its highly effective vaccine. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that Hepatitis B is still not contagious. Contracting Hepatitis B from bloodborne pathogens found at a blood spill cleanup site is easy. This virus can survive outside its host and on surfaces for days.

The best way to reduce the risk of contracting this virus is to clean and disinfect the crime scene effective.

Hepatitis C

This is one of the highly dangerous bloodborne pathogens in this modern world today. As a matter of fact, it is considered more deadly when compared to HIV and Hepatitis B. it is therefore important that you avoid contracting this virus. Do not enter a crime scene without wearing protective gear. Hepatitis C can be found in blood and other bodily fluids such as urine, feces, and mucus from an infected person.

Many people get infected after coming in contact with contaminants at a crime scene. Stay safe and protect your health by hiring a blood spill cleanup service to help you with eradicated bloodborne pathogens at the scene of the event.


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