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Easy Feng Shui Bedroom Rules

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If you have any interest in interior design and design in general, then you have heard of the Chinese term Feng Shui. Feng Shui translates to Wind Water in English and it focuses on the positive flow of energy in a space. It suggests that you can alter how the energy moves within a room to create certain feelings and even attract virtues and prosperities like wealth, health, and so much more. So do you want to know how to use it in the bedroom?

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Bed placement

First things first, the one piece of furniture that gives this room its name is a bed, right? And so, its placement is the base of the Feng Shui of the room. So much so, a cozy bed from Fermliving.us had to have its head side resting on a solid wall and not hanging in the middle of the room. This reduces the movements above the head as you relax, and that movement is both of people and air.

The colors in the room

Color has a strong effect on how we feel. This means that while in a specific color, you feel sexy, while in another, you feel motivated or creative. And so the same is applied in the bedroom using Feng Shui. While using color, avoid at all cost primary colors for both the walls and the fabric used. That is, keep away from the bold red, blue and yellow. Instead, go for pastel and neutral colors that are easy on the eye as they invoke a peaceful and serene feeling. So much so, go for browns, tans creams, pinks, beige, and other muted colors. And this goes for the walls, fabric, and accessories.


When it comes to Feng Shui, mirrors in the bedroom are a big no as they are a reflective surface which can bounce off energy. You might be wondering, so how will you be able to see what you are dressed in without a mirror? Well, there is a cheat to this effect, and that is to ensure that the surface being reflected is pleasant, such as a peaceful painting. If you have the mirror reflect a messy closet, you will face trouble falling to sleep since the energy being sent out is a messy and disorderly one.


When it comes to storing items in the bedroom, avoid clatter at all costs as it clatters the mind too. To prevent this, do not keep things under the bed, but if you must, place soft and cushiony items like pillows and sheets. Not books or shoes. Build shelves and use cabinets to store everything in order.

Closing remarks

Using Feng Shui for your bedroom will ensure that you get enough sleep and wake up feeling energized rather than drained. The above tips shall help you get to that point of wanting to get out of bed without feeling overwhelmed. So, go ahead and declutter that room, remove things under the bed, and change the bed placement. Try them, and you will feel the positive change.

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