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Should You Install Carpet or Buy Rugs for Your Home?

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It’s that age-old question, the one that has homeowners scratching their heads and engaging in impassioned debates over: Which is best for the home, carpeting or rugs? Well, let’s examine this topic in full, present the facts, and then you can decide what floor covering is right for you and your family.

Buying Rugs

According to recent studies, the most common reason why homeowners purchase rugs for the home is because of their versatility and temporary nature. You can pick up a rug and move it from one room to the next without any problem or take them with you in the event you move from home to the next.

But there are other selling points that make this option so attractive. For starters, they’re easy to clean. Much easier than having your local carpet cleaning company come out to your house, drag in big equipment, and disrupt your home for the day. This makes them ideal for homes where allergy sufferers reside. Rugs also allow for better air flow through the fibers, so you won’t need to worry about mold and mildew developing in or under the material.

Aesthetics-wise, rugs can give any space character and “really tie the room together” giving your furnishings a common connection that brings them in to build a specific look. In addition, you can place a rug in the room and still enjoy the hardwood flooring underneath. Since rugs aren’t meant to cover your entire floor, you have a lot of flexibility in the way you use a rug.

Installing Carpet

Homeowners who opt instead of wall to wall carpet do so because they feel like it provides the home with a warm, durable, and comfortable alternative to hardwood flooring. But it’s also advantageous in homes where older adults reside since, unlike rugs, carpeting is permanently installed and there is no risk of carpets slipping out of place.

As an aesthetic choice, carpets are ideal for creating a uniform interior design throughout multiple rooms of the house. They are available in wide range of styles, colors, and material options making this a useful option for beautifying your home.

Carpeting also makes it safer for your children to live in the home, particularly infants and toddlers who are just learning how to walk. When they lose their balance and topple over, they are landing on plush, soft carpet and not hard and unforgiving hardwood flooring.

While rugs are easy to clean, carpets can also be maintained relatively easily as well. You just need to find good carpet cleaning burke nc to give your carpeting material the professional attention it deserves once or twice a year, depending on how much foot traffic that goes through your house.

So, whether you go with rugs or carpeting, you can rest assured that your home will be greatly enhanced in both form and function. Consider all of these factors carefully before you make any decision. Carpet installation is a costly endeavor and you need to be sure you are ready to have that work performed.

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