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Tips For Applying Stain To A Wood Fence

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There may be no easier home improvement project than to stain a fence. But you need to know the basics before you break out your stain and a brush. Here are some of the most important tips you should know for fence staining nixa

Check For Damage

A damaged fence is not a fence worth staining. You must be sure that your fence is free of any major damage in the form of cracked boards, broken boards, rot, mold and mildew, pest infestation and so on. If the fence is demonstrating any evidence of weakness, you need to repair these issues before you proceed.

The boards and posts should not have any soft spots, the joints should be firmly attached to the fence and not showing any signs of major wear and tear. Any portions that are in disrepair should be addressed ahead of any cosmetic work being done to the fence.

Cleaning The Fence

A power washer can be a useful ally in helping you restore your fence to its original sheen. This type of equipment expels water at incredibly high speeds and cleaning the surface of the fence with this much velocity is ideal for not just revitalizing the surface of the wood but allowing it to absorb the stain you plan to apply.

Power washers bring increased pressure to any surface, that pressure can be damaging if you are not careful about the surface you are cleaning with it. However, the water pressure from a power washer can create a new texture in the wood surface. All of those nooks and crannies are exactly what you need to help the stain adhere to your fence.

Apply Your Stain

Once you’re done cleaning the fence, allow it to dry fully before you start this step. You might need to allow about 24-48 hours to ensure it’s totally dried, but it’s very important that the wood is not wet or damp in any way.

When you are ready, start to apply your initial coat of oil-based stain along the entirety of the fence. Depending on the wood and the condition of the fence, you may want to apply a second or third coat over the initial one to really lock out moisture and preserve the fence against the elements.

No need to be conservative with the stain either. Apply it in thick strokes to really let the stain soak in to the surface and bond with the wood for the long-term. A good stain should last for years and you want to make sure you help it along by adding multiple coats to achieve a lustrous appearance.

Add The Varnish

Some homeowners will apply a top layer of varnish to really lock out moisture and give the fence a refreshed appearance. Just be sure you let the stain dry before you apply your varnish and choose an oil-based option for best results. Much like with the stain, you may need to apply more than one coat of varnish to get the look you want.

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