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What You Should Know About Carpet Stretching

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To stretch a carpet. Something not many of us have likely done in our time. But for those homeowners who have installed any type of carpet in their residence, this is something you may find yourself in need of beforelong. The fact is, carpeting can come loose for any number of reasons. Don’t worry, the tell-tale signs will be there when the time comes to have this work done and no matter how severe the problem, you will need to call in the professionals to do that work for you.

This is not something for you DIY’ers to tackle on your own. You simply don’t have the equipment or the training to do the job properly and for those of you who think you can handle any type of task around the house, you’ll soon discover that your attempt at fixing the problem will come undone before you know it.

The Process Of Carpet Stretching

It’s pretty much how it sounds, stretching the carpet is really just that. The installer pulls the carpet material tight so it may re-attach to the tack or the anchor strips that are situated in the sub-flooring along the edges of the room. At the time your carpet is laid down, the installer will do this to keep the carpet firmly in place.

However, the carpet can start to come loose over time and you may notice there are some wrinkles or buckling in the surface of the material. These are indications that the carpet has come loose from the tack and needs to be stretched.

Reasons For Carpet To Come Loose

Normal wear and tear likely won’t cause your carpet to wrinkle or buckle up, unless the installation job was done poorly. But there are other causes that might contribute to the problem. The tack or anchor strips can become damaged. You might attempt to move or shift a heavy piece of furniture and that can dislodge the carpet from its moorings. Sometimes the culprit is cheap padding that has been laid down underneath the carpet. Even excessive humidity can cause a carpet to ripple and come loose.

Having Your Carpet Stretched

Whatever the reason may be with your carpet, you can’t live with carpeting that is lumpy or rippled. It could damage the carpet and it creates an unsafe environment for your and your family. Someone could trip over a loose carpet and sustain an injury from a slip and fall incident. If that individual is injured badly, you could get sued for damages for pain and suffering.

Carpet is meant to be laid flat and smooth on the floor. If yours isn’t flat and smooth, it’s time to have an expert in carpet and upholstery cleaning Charles Town,  WV come in and stretch it out for you. But remember, don’t try to do this work yourself. You will not succeed in doing the job properly. In the end you could be causing more problems for yourself. Always call an expert at the task instead.

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